Cutters Choice Demo-Rescue Blades

Cutters Choice Diamond Blades -
Demo-Rescue Blades

Our fine quality line of diamond blades have been engineered to meet your needs.


Dry or Wet use
Demo/Rescue Blades


Cutters Choice Diamond Rescue/Demolition Blades are designed for rescue situations. Cutters Choice Rescue Blades can cut through a wide variety of materials. Constructed from the highest quality diamonds available, diamonds are individually placed on every segment of the blade to prevent bunching. The blade is manufactured using a vacuum brazed single layer technology. This allows the demo/rescue blade to cut twice as fast as an abrasive blade and last up to 70 times longer.

Rescue blades are used in emergency situations by fire departments and rescue units throughout the world to cut through materials such as metal, chains, locks, iron fencing, re-bar, steel, copper, concrete, masonry, stone, stucco, wood, HDPE, PVC, plastic, metal, roofing, steel studs, and more.

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