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Cutters Choice Diamond Blades -
Turbo Segmented, Dry or Wet Cutting

Our fine quality line of diamond blades have been engineered to meet your needs.


Dry or Wet use
Turbo Segmented


Better - The Cutters Choice Better Turbo Segmented blades combine fast cutting speed benefits of a turbo with the long life of a segmented blade. Laser welded, these diamond blades offer a tear drop gullet design for effective slurry removal and a cooler running core during cutting applications. Cutters Choice turbo segmented blades are designed to be used with high speed power saws, masonry saws and walk behind saws up to 15 HP for cutting concrete, hard concrete, pavers, brick, and clay pavers. Suitable for dry and wet use.

Best - Cutters Choice Best Turbo Segmented Diamond Blades feature a 15mm jumbo rim. These blades have laser welded segments designed specifically to provide a continuous cut. The superior quality of our Best Turbo Segmented blades allow for cleaner cuts and maximum blade life due to higher diamond concentration and fast cutting speed. Used with high speed power saws, masonry and walk behind saws up to 20 HP for cutting block, brick, clay pavers, concrete, field stones, hard concrete and pavers. Dry and wet use.

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