Important Safety Information

Dry Diamond Blade Cutting Suggestions:

Dry cutting diamond blades are recommended for use when it is not practical for water to be used as a coolant. If water is available these blades can be used wet to reduce dust from materials cut.

Shallow Cuts - Not more than 1" per pass - should be taken with dry cutting diamond blades to avoid overheating the steel cores and damaging blade.

Diamond Blade Warning!

Diamond blades improperly used could be dangerous. Sawing can generate dust that may affect breathing function. To avoid breathing impairment always employ dust controls and / or protective measures appropriate to the material being sawed, especially if sawing is done dry (without water).

Warning - Do not use blades designed for wet-cut, low-speed slab saws on high-speed saws. Low speed, wet-cut slab saw blades used on a high-speed saws could disintegrate and cause serious injury.

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